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Mission and Objective

Mission and Objective

Incorporated in Ghana, Right To Be Free's (RTBF) mission is to directly support the rescue, rehabilitation, reunification and reintegration of victims of human trafficking and human rights violations and broaden public awareness of human trafficking and other forms of exploitation.

By working for the liberation of woman and children from exploitive and bonded conditions, RTBF strives to make this world a better place for all humanity.

Our Objectives

•     Free women and children from slave-like, exploitative and oppressive conditions.

•    Empower children to advocate for their freedom against any form of abuse, exploitation and oppressive conditions.

•    Provide research, rescue, rehabilitation, reunification, and reintegration of victims of human trafficking.

•    Foster partnership and collaboration with governments and other entities to combat human trafficking and migrant smugglings.

•    Provide advisory support and help build the capacity of government, civil society organizations and law enforcement agencies in Ghana and Africa at large to combat human trafficking and migrant smuggling.

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