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Freedon Groups


Our Support Levels

Freedom Ambassadors are foot soldiers who help spread the message about the work of  Right To Be Free (RTBF).  Our ambassadors will present slide presentations, documentaries and prepared materials about the tragedy of human slavery and bondage in Ghana.  Church groups, community service organizations and academic settings are some of the speaking venues that will be perfect opportunities for our Freedom Ambassadors.  By sharing our message and bringing increased awareness, hopefully we can one day stop human trafficking at its root cause.

Freedom Promoters are volunteers and supervised interns that can assist  RTBF with our ongoing mission. Depending on program needs and available skill sets, Freedom Promoters will assist with activities such as rescue missions, capacity building, school and shelter activities or technical tasks such as webpage design and database management.  Our Freedom Promoters are the backbone of our efforts and will allow us to expand our reach.

Freedom Partners are our partners who contribute financially to support our work. It can be a one time donation, monthly, quarterly or yearly contirbutions. It is through the support of our Freedom Partners that we can continue to free these children.

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