Human trafficking is the trade in humans, most commonly for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced and bonded labor or for the extraction


Incorporated in Ghana, Right To Be Free's (RTBF) mission is to directly support the rescue, rehabilitation, reunification and reintegration of victims of human


Right to Be Free director Eric Peasah, is an internationally respected authority on  child trafficking and child bonded labor.

Every child has a Right To Be Free


Rescuing just one precious child from a life of bondage is cause for celebration. Liberating fourteen is an absolute joy!


It took several trips in early March through difficult weather and skeptical villagers to pull all of the children out.  Finally after weeks of negotiations, the persistence of Eric and his team paid off.


WE WERE NOT FINISHED and finally pulled out the last five children in early June. The work of RTBF will continue until ALL children are free from exploitative labor.

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Ghana, West Africa